Below are some samples of the poetry I wrote The book will soon be published..


Love is great when it comes to our mate,

We always have so much Faith,

Time will come and then we will hate,

I guess this is our Fate,

Guns and Drugs will always give us sorrow,

We always wonder what will be for Tomorrow,

The young are to bold to understand the old,

When we sit and watch the world fall,

Then we never understand at all,

I knew we will get threw it all.


Even if we can not be

Even if we can not be ,

All the men that are loved,

Sometimes they fit like a glove,

Now all the fun time is gone,

I dont know what i´ve done wrong,

Is there a word called Love?

Thats pure as a Dove,

I´m worried what I´ve become,

I can´t even be loved by one,

When I met you I knew I´ll no longer be blue.

Even is we can not be!

My Poetry